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Buy 3D Moon Lamps

We have introduced revolutionary 3D Moon Lamps worldwide which have been viral on the internet.  These moon light lamp have been very appreciated by our customers.

If you feel like spicing up your room without breaking your bank you must have a 3d printed moon lamp in your room. We give you an opportunity to buy these lamps online from Gigglo Shop who is an authorized manufacturer of these moon lamps. We have a variety of these lamps on our store. You can choose one of your favorite one and give your room an amazing aroma.

We create these original moon lamp for our customers around the globe with care and love. We make sure you get the most out of your lamp. If you are still thinking why you should buy these lamps you need to stop thinking and experience it yourself after buying one. You won’t regret. These moon lamps are beautiful and they turn your room into something soothing and creative. You can use these lamps as a moon replica and get a real looking moon in your room. This moon lamp can be used in your room, office or even restaurant.

Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating moon lamp floats on a wooden box and you get a floating moon in your room. This lamp uses electromagnetic force to activate the levitating technology. It makes the lamp float  in the air and the box spin round. This levitating moon lamp levitates in multiple colors while spinning. The moon is not attached to its base in any way and makes it float freely in the air. You just have to gently place the moon on its base, give it a nice spin and it keeps levitates. It is very easy to use this moon lamp. Just plug the base in a wall socket for power supply. It also has a switch button on the base to control it. The best thing is that it can even float on your hands. It comes with DC power port and also gives a wireless power supply. This levitating moon lamp has 120mm diameter with 190mm diameter of its base.

Cracked Moon Lamp