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Gigglo brings an amazing ocean wave projector which is a night lamp projector for kids and adults. This amazing projector helps in releasing stress and sleep fast. This lamp projects ocean waves on your wall or roof so you get an ocean experience within your room/office. This lamp is accepted among parents with kids, entrepreneurs, creative and meditating people and housewives.

This ocean wave projector turns your room into a relaxing and tranquil place. You can meditate, relax or sleep easily under these lights. The users of this night light projector has reported an increase in creativity & productivity and overall betterment in daily life.

FEATURES of Ocean Wave Projector

  • This projector creates a relaxing aroma in your room. It gives you soothing feelings and brings inner and outside peace for you. You can turn you stressed life into your relaxing moments.
  • You can use this ocean projector anywhere you want. You can use this in your living room, bed room, washroom, office or any other indoor place to relax.
  • This projector will help you cure Insomnia by making you fall sleep easily. It creates a relaxing environment in your room. This tranquil and peaceful surrounding helps you sleep easily.
  • You can use this ocean wave projector to gift your loved ones. They should love this as this is everybody’s need in this busy and stressful life.

This ocean wave projector mimics the ocean waves in your room and creates and aroma of relaxation. You can use this projector for meditation, relaxing or before bedtime. You can place this war projector on your nightstand facing the lamp upward. This would create colored ocean weaves on your roof ceiling. Ocean wave projector comes with a remote control. The wave lights can be controlled with the remote. You can choose from multiple color ranges and create different effects.